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Strong, effective marketing campaign is valuable to a Developer. Our online marketing directs a steady flow of traffic to property websites to generate leads for our agents and showcase their listings. We also employ traditional print and outdoor advertising strategies to reach our target audiences and ensure your Project gets maximum exposure.

  • With your input, we will determine your property’s unique characteristics.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the market and comprehensive research and data, will allow us to determine an appropriate marketing strategy for your Project.
  • Our many resources, formal and informal networks, online marketing, print advertising, target marketing and more, will enable us to create a program that is just right for your Project.
  • We’ll answer questions, use our network of agents to spread the word about your property and guide you every step of the way.
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THE RIGHT PRICE HELPS SELL YOUR PROJECT Determining the right listing price for your Project can sometimes be an agonizing process. You want to get as much money as possible, so the natural inclination is to price it much higher than the anticipated sales price to leave room for negotiation. This strategy, however, more often nets the opposite result, increasing the days on market and generating a lower sales price in the end. Pricing your Project properly when first listed, is the single most important factor in determining the length of time it will take to sell your Project. At no cost or obligation to you, we will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis to determine the right listing price for your Project. We use market data and statistics, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the real estate market to come up with your unique market position. Buyers today are extremely well-educated about the market and have access to information via the internet. They will do their Homework before making an offer on a property. Be sure you Along with you, we will develop a pricing strategy that will generate the most potential buyers, the most showings and the most serious offers.

  • Studies show that a Project priced within 5% of the anticipated sales price has three times the chance of selling than one priced 15% higher.
  • If brokers think a Project is overpriced, they will take their buyers elsewhere.
  • Chasing the Market Syndrome:
  • Starting at a higher price and reducing later will only cause frustration and, in the end, a lower price.
  • In a declining market, your best price is today’s price!
  • Statistics show that if you’ve priced your Project properly, you will likely receive an offer within the first